Thursday, 2 April 2009

When Does It Stop Being 'Cool'?

A TV show that I've been a fan of for a while now; The Inbetweeners, returns for a second series starting tonight. If you've watched any of Channel 4 in the last two weeks you are almost guaranteed to have seen the trailer for it. 

Just in case you're wondering, it's about four guys in their first year of Sixth Form, and unlike the overly-glamorous (although also brilliant) Skins it shows what life is like for your average teen. Mainly thinking/talking about sex, trying not to get bullied and thinking/talking about sex some more. But recently a sudden popularity for the show has appeared- maybe from the increased advertising or the fact that it won an award recently, I couldn't say. But for some reason it's more popular now than when it premiered last year, which got me thinking...

Now, I'll level with you; I didn't watch it when it first came on telly, only in the months following when it was repeated. One of my friends watched it in the first place (she loved it) and then myself and another friend watched it maybe two or three months later. So, what does this have to do with the title? Well, I know of a couple people who watched the first series and aren't going to watch the second simply because it's gotten 'too popular', 'too mainstream'. Which I think is a shame, although it is very prevalent in the music industry (just look at the indie movement). Popularity seems to be directly linked to fan base: when the fanbase grows the number of 'hardcore' fans is diluted by the masses. I think people feel a sense of ownership over something relatively unknown, like it's their secret, and they then feel resentment when their secret it shared. It's no longer 'cool' or 'special'. 

I just wanted to say if you've ever come across this, please don't let the fact something has become popular put you off enjoying it, as the only one missing out, at the end of the day, is you.

Anyway I'm looking forward to watching The Inbetweeners tonight, and I'll let you know if it was any good soon.

Peace and love, 


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  1. Meh, non-conformity is really just a false idea in itself. Take this blogging scene, this is supposed to be a monument to induviudality.

    Oh look, now everyones doing it!

    Fail..... All i've got is the fact that mine's hiding. Crying out in silence, that makes sense...

    Catch it if you can!